CLOUD HOSTING-Redefining the techniques of hosting
Cloud hosting makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability

This is the time of the Cloud. everyone seems to be moving towards the cloud because of its flexibility, security, performance, evaluation model, and especially dependableness. If you're serious regarding your business, then cloud hosting is the safest bet out there. However, to know the advantages of cloud hosting, you would like to understand concerning the accessible hosting options:

Shared Hosting:     Multiple users accounts on one server. most cost-effective and appropriate for tiny sites.

Dedicated Hosting:   You're the sole owner of the whole hardware (server). appropriate if you recognize the server facet stuff.

VPS Hosting: One massive dedicated machine (server) is split into multiple virtual servers. appropriate if you're disquieted concerning hardware (dedicated server) failure.

Cloud Hosting: A network of connected servers is split into multiple virtual servers to supply most periods.

The actual distinction between shared hosting and cloud hosting is that the performance and security. In shared hosting, all the resources square measure shared among all user accounts. there's perpetually a clear stage that one user may consume an outsized chunk of resources, leading to a dismal performance for alternative users. Similarly, if a hacker gains access to one website on a shared server, every single website hosted on its server is vulnerable.


Shared hosting

Cloud hosting





Commodity Lamp

Total freedom


Read the fine print

No limits


Ok,but less than you think

Big as you want


Ordinary to slow

Fast as you want



Complete control



Anything you want


Basic,beware spammer

Very good,but up to you


Tech support tickets

Tech support ticket/phone


Managed service

Total responsibility


How It Differs From Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting

A VPS stands for “Virtual private server.” Let's break it down: because the name suggests, it's a non-public server, which implies that it'll be completely yours. Having a VPS service provides you with  a group quantity of resources that you simply don’t have to share with anyone. It’s reasonably like having your terribly own dedicated or personal server, however virtual. 

Dedicated hosting is an online hosting choice within which a physical server (or servers) is devoted to one business client. The client has complete management over the machine so that they will optimioptimizer his or her distinctive necessities, as well as performance and security. The hosting supplier provides the physical server and surroundings, the associated services, and technical support.


Cloud hosting makes applications and websites accessible victimisation cloud resources. In contrast to traditional hosting, solutions aren't deployed on one server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, making for larger flexibility and measurability.

The infrastructure-single infrastructure

Infrastructure-single physical server used by  limited  no. of tenvironment infrastructure 

Infrastructure-single physical server used by the client, isolated environment infrastructure 

Infrastructure-distributed resources across multiple physical server, isolated virtual environment  location

Location-off-site third party web hosting provider 

Location-off-site third party web hosting provider location location

Location on-site or off-site third party cloud hosting provider

Scalability-upgrade or downgrade manually tracked request to the provide scacapability capability

Scalabilitythemp the grthe adadorableif user needs more resources,he has to get other package defined by provider

Scalability-self-provisioningning and deployment upgrade and downgrade in seconds with zero downtime



Better Performance

It maximizes the performance of internet sites and web applications because the load is equally distributed between the servers connected to the network. The provision of resources is additionally high because it isn't obsessed with one physical server like in Shared Hosting.

Increased measurability

Cloud Hosting permits straightforward and instant up-gradation of the central processor and RAM, rising measurability as and once the traffic of your website will increase. Secure knowledge Cloud Hosting provides knowledge mirroring to you to retain your knowledge securely .The information is reflected on three different devices on numerous drives specified just in case of any hardware failure you are doing not to lose your data. This ensures hassle-free knowledge backup and recovery.

Cost Saving

Although it's going to at the start look like Cloud Hosting is pricey, after you take into thought the options it provides, the valuation is significantly additional economical. In addition, in some cases, you simply have to acquire the resources you utilise. a number of the options Cloud Hosting provides are, free knowledge migration, totally managed hosting, resource watching, etc.

Good Stability

Cloud Hosting is reliable as knowledge has triple redundancy as a result of mirroring. This ensures that your knowledge on the cloud is secure still as if the server ever fails, convalescent knowledge is less complicated.

Incredible Speed

Cloud Hosting servers have tenuity that helps your website boost its speed besides varnish. Varnish may be an internet machine that enables websites to sustain high traffic whereas loading pages at a very super quick speed by caching the static and dynamic content on the net page. It will speed up websites by nearly a trillion.

CONCLUSION- I hope you found this post useful in understanding the advantages of moving to the Cloud. Once you select Cloud Hosting consecutive logical move is to pick out the most effective Cloud Hosting arrangement suited to you




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